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If I'm going to start somewhere, this picture says it all for me. Food is a connection to life itself. I am Cha Cha Romero, welcome to my Cultural Food & Travel Blog.

This is a snapshot of one of my EPIC birthday parties. My all time favorite food show is Iron Chef, so we coordinated our own family version. This was the second of it's kind, the first featuring "Burgers and a side dish" for my son's Graduation celebration.

The feature of my birthday episode: SMOKED Brisket BBQ platter and dessert. I don't joke around. I asked for a smoker for my present. Previously I have asked for a chef knife set, and a blow torch......"so there you go"(BFGW)

This is my comfort zone, lots of buzz, noise, friends, family, music, dogs & really good food. I hope you'll find comforting memories here from your culture, discover new and wonderful recipes and learn something new every time you visit.

Stay Sweet- Cha Cha Romero


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