Snapshot: Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate update

What happened to Miss Bailey Brown? Well let's begin at the beginning shall we?


For those of you who do not know her, Miss Bailey Brown was created out of a ladies gathering at my home. I had just had my last two children exactly 1 year apart and wanted to have some adult company and conversations. I hosted a high tea party, and then continued to get together monthly with a new theme each month.

Chocoholics Anonymous

The perfect name for our September gathering. Arianna, my daughter was a year old and Dominic, now 7, was only 2 months old. As everyone brought chocolate potluck, I decided to challenge myself to making chocolate truffles. From there, the girls ordered from me for Christmas and I posted the chocolate truffles on Facebook. Soon enough, a random family was ordering from Toronto at Christmas time and the rest is history!

Building a Chocolate Brand

For the last 7 years, I grew Miss Bailey Brown with my family and friends from scratch. She was like a powerful chocolate storm within me that powered so many good relationships, gifts, events and gatherings. Eventually, after hustling as a vendor in markets, and pouring everything I could into online marketing & sales, I had a cute location near the lakeshore in a busy town, with employees and retail partners. Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate became a favorite spot for thousands of chocolate lovers in Canada.

Toronto Waterfront Culinary Arts Award.

When you are passionate about something, it does not feel like work!

I had the honor of receiving the Culinary Arts award at the Toronto Waterfront Magazine awards. This Ceremony features women entrepreneurs and their excellence in the community. A highlight from my award was a video message from Arlene Dickinson from Dragon's Den.

Other awards & outstanding honors earned: Entrepreneur of the year, Mompreneur nominee, 90th Academy Awards gifting suite, TIFF gifting suite. Most importantly building a chocolate lovers community in the GTA and surrounding areas.


"Life is Short Eat Dessert First"

Wine Not?

Miss Bailey Brown became a beautiful Jazzy chocolate & espresso bar, where you could come and forget about your phones, and cares and just enjoy some decadence. Everyone who joined our events always left with a smile and something fun to talk about. Especially our Wine Pairings. Every pairing brought a new culinary adventure with laughs and sent your tastebuds dancing!

So, what happened? Why would I let go of something so wonderful?

Simply, a series of unfortunate events driven by the Covid-19 Pandemic, making the financial burdens and hard decisions beyond our control to manage. The toll that is taken on small business owners is heavy. I am built for entrepreneurship, but burnout is real. I have been told that I am courageous to stop.

I feel so much deep empathy, and sorrow for all of the restaurant owners who have shut down in Ontario and across the globe. Life, goes on and there are many new businesses sprouting up out of the wreckage.

What's Next?

Well first of all, have no fear...I can still make chocolate for the "chocoholics" out there, including myself ...shhh! As I stop...or learn how to stop, I will be taking care of my health, my family and building this food blog. There is a possibility of re branding the chocolate truffles and bars in the future. In the meantime, I am grateful for all Miss Bailey Brown has done for my family and community and see what this new season has for the future.

Chef Cha Cha

People used to ask if I am Miss Bailey Brown. The name is actually what I named one of the first chocolates from the Ladies group. Miss Bailey Brown is a truffle with Brownie soaked in Bailey's Irish Cream. This became our signature truffle. At one point, I did start to introduce myself as Miss Bailey Brown, and had my employees call me Miss Bailey. I answered in a Southern Belle accent "I sure am suga'!!" It was a lot of fun, but I realized that as a serial entrepreneur, I need to be known as myself to carry across any business venture I may have. If there's any title I would be proud to carry besides "mama", it would be Chef.

As we wait for the chocolate to return, please enjoy my passion for food ,culture and gathering of friends with my food and travel blog.



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