know the culture that surrounds you

Understanding how to use ingredients from around the world

to create Flavorful Cultural dishes and drinks.



My name is Cha Cha Romero

An award winning Chef and small business owner, Cha Cha Romero is a Caribbean Canadian woman of the arts.  

Cha Cha began cooking with her dad and Grandmother as a small child. With a Trinidadian heritage and compelled to exploring cultures around the world she has integrated food, music art and culture in everything she does. 

From restaurant management to owning her own Cafe, Cha Cha loves to gather people over a meal with experiences to remember for a lifetime.

In this chapter of her life, Cha Cha is ready to share her many talents, leadership skills and stories with you.

Spicy Salty Sweet is here for you to dive in and be immersed in the depth of the culinary world around you.

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